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“Course of Excellence in Oncology – Fondation Philanthropia”

Doctors, pharmacists and engineers holding a Masters degree or equivalent: do you have the ambition to make major advances in tackling the worldwide scourge of cancer?

Work for your doctorate within one of the most highly reputed research teams in oncology.

Fulfill yourself in a great scientific project: DNA repair, molecular medicine, radiobiology, onco-haematology, immunotherapy, molecular epidemiology…

Join the Course of Excellence in Oncology at the École des Sciences du Cancer at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris, the leading comprehensive cancer centre in Europe.


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International Scope and Dynamic


The battle against cancer is a key public health issue and entails a broad and internationally-based approach. Gustave Roussy, the leading comprehensive cancer centre in Europe, places research at its heart in the École des Sciences du Cancer and its research teams. Its reputation is enhanced by its being rooted in “Grand Paris”, a location of major importance for the future, which will be linked to the major metropolitan economic hubs.

An influence beyond its own boundaries:

  • International access to medical care by virtue of the Institute’s arrangements for reception of foreign patients;
  • Exporting its clinical excellence through projects to help in the creation of specific  facilities, training programmes and advice on organisation of care;
  • Academic collaborations with the major comprehensive cancer centres of Europe and the world.
Gustave Roussy
Université Paris Sud