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Preferably physicians, pharmacists and engineers, the applicants we are looking for demonstrate a keen interest in oncology with genuine potential in terms of research, innovation, teaching and training. Selection will be carried out by a scientific committee based on CVs and research project proposals.


“Course of excellence in oncology – Fondation Philanthropia” consists of a three-year, double-degree course offering 10 student trainees (MD-PhD or PharmaD-PhD) custom-made training in the three main research fields of oncology, i.e. fundamental, translational and clinical research.


The doctoral students “Course of excellence in Oncology – Fondation Philanthropia” will carry out their scientific-innovation and research-oriented thesis work in oncology at Gustave Roussy (France) and will be mentored by a clinician or a researcher. They will receive about 2,300 euros net per month for three years.